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Mackie d8b digital 8 bus console $1999

Optional accessories (sold separately):
Omnirax Coda d8 desk $300
1 digital tape card (adat light pipe & TDIF) $150
1 Mackie MFX card $179
1 PDI-8 AES card $150

This incredible console offers more bang for the buck than any other console you'll find.  EQ and dynamics on every channel. 72 inputs, with built in effects. Analog and digital ins and outs. Great condition. Everything works.

Comes with the cpu (the rack mount power supply and cpu), mouse, footswitch for talkback, connecting cables (power, big daddy and data cables), and a CRT video monitor. Here's a video demo I made on February 28, 2008, just before I packed it up:

And I found these d8b demos on YouTube:

OS 3.1 (upgradeable to 5.1 for $299... for more info, visit

For an in depth view of the d8b, visit:

From the Mackie site:


Third-party plug-ins via the Mackie UFX card
Enhanced dynamics
Input keying and EQ filter
Soft knee compression toggle
Linear and exponentional option
48-channel overview screen
200 levels of undo
  - 24-bit Alt I/O
- Advanced Mix Editor features including
- New view-sizing arrows
- Auto-loop SMPTE time code boxes
- Contextual right mouse click for track parameters and time bars
Event Automation Track
Enhanced Surround Sound mixing environment with
  - Depth of Center Control
- Surround LFE Gain Control for each channel
- Surround-corrected bus/track assignment

Surround Front-to-Rear Pan Control via control surface or MIDI
Surround GUI update - new 72-channel overview
Triumphant Return of the Desktop - drag and drop file management between File windows
Enhanced, flexible MIDI I/O mapping for all channel strip and master parameters
Assignable MIDI commands on transport (REW, FF, STOP, PLAY, REC) and on the D8B master control section
Insert and patch point feature on channels - source either plug-ins, 8 aux sends, 8 buses or 72 channels (pre-DSP only)
24-bit plug-in inserts across Main L/R buses
Time offset (delay) on each channels 1-48 with 255 samples
Cross-Patching assigns channel strip in various orders
Non-destructive Ungrouping
Optional fader control of level to tape - direct out signal follows the source fader channel
Multiple direct outs per channel
Snapshot Library
Paste Repeat for automation level looping and building rock-solid grooves
Pre/Post assignment of each aux send on each channel
Improved BBT resolution and clocking accuracy
Virtual group control extended to buses and MIDI faders

Omnirax Coda D8 $300
Pictured with the Mackie d8b

The CODA D8 is designed specifically to provide the perfect ergonomic workstation for Mackie Designs' Digital 8-Bus mixer and associated peripherals.

* Mackie Digital 8-Bus fits comfortably on the desk at just the right working height
* Reinforced angled monitor-bridge will hold near fields and up to 2 computer monitors
* Fully adjustable sliding computer keyboard and mouse shelf included
* 18 rack spaces for associated peripherals in double bay below
* On heavy-duty casters for mobility and easy cabling
* Sound and sight lines optimized for comfortable extended session


Total Rackspaces
200 Lbs.
Desk Surface Height 28"
Desk Surface Dimensions 28.9"D x 39"W
Desk Space In Front Of Bridge 20.5"
Clearance Below Bridge 9.6"
Nearfield Monitor Height 38.5"
Video Monitor Shelf Width 71.38"
Computer Keyboard Shelf Included
105 lbs

List Price: $1,120.00 Street price about $799!
(6) Leko ellipsoidal 500 Watt light fixtures

(24) Par 64 cans with 500 Watt Medium Flood Lamps $30 each
Each can comes with a gel frame, a C-clamp, a safety and a power cable
Par 56 500 Watt cans
Teatronics Marathon 2400 lighting dimmer pack with controller $600
6 channels, 2400 Watts each. This dimmer pack can accomodate 24 500Watt cans
Furman PL-8 power conditioner
5 lbs. 19"X 8" X1.75"

Otari MX-5050 B II

The MX5050 BIII has long been the standard in 1/4" two-track analog recorders. It features an optimized three-head design and transformerless balanced inputs and outputs to provide superior frequency response, low distortion and high signal-to-noise performance under the most demanding conditions. Record setup adjustments can be made from the front panel, and a convenient built-in oscillator provides test tones for calibration/maintenance.

The direct drive capstan motor is servo-controlled, and an integral microprocessor governs tape handling, including dynamic braking, motion sensing and transport logic. A built-in mini-autolocator provides three one-touch cue-point memories, search zero, and a repeat function. The tape timer display shows tape time in Hrs/Min/Sec., as well as tape speed in inches per second and percentage of tape speed. Capstan speed can be varied by +/-20% in 0.01% steps using the built-in "pitch" control. Timecode editing using a synchronizer is accomplished via the 37-pin Otari standard parallel interface.
The extremely rugged mechanical construction includes a 1/4" deckplate with cast aluminum side panels and steel support members. All circuit boards are designed to swing out or unplug for quick service access.
* Positive-action transport controls
* Balanced transformerless XLR I/Os
* DC capstan, Quartz PLL servo-controlled
* Built-in mini-autolocator
* Built-in test oscillator and external oscillator input
* Variable pitch control (+/-20%)
* Front panel record setup adjustments
* 1/4" deck plate with cast aluminumside panels and steel support members

View the pdf manual here:
63 lbs 25"X26"X16"


Panasonic SV-3800 DAT machine $250

The SV-3800 Pro-DAT recorder/player incorporates techological refinements for enhanced sound quality and functionality. It features 20-bit resolution DACs, together with a 1-bit, 64X oversampling A-D converter.

• Front panel shuttle wheel
• 0.5?15X speed range
• IR remote control
• 4-stage, 1-bit Delta-Sigma A-to-D converters
• 20-bit equivalent D-to-A converters
• Program, absolute and time-remaining displays
• Pushbutton selection of 44.1kHz/48kHz sampling rates via either analog or digital inputs
• Pushbutton fade-in and fade-out functions
• Balanced inputs and outputs via XL-type connector with choice of -10dBu or +4dBm output levels
• Up to 400X fast forward/rewind and search speeds to provide high-speed access to any point on a 2-hour DAT tape within 27 seconds
• Single program and skip play feature is handy for post-production work
• Automatically clocks to incoming frequencies of 32kHz, 44.1kHz or 48kHz

• Tape Recording System : Rotary head type DAT
• Parallel Remote : 8-pin DIN connector (50 functions available)
• Analog Input Connector : XLR-3 type
• Analog Input Impedance : 10k ohms, balanced
• Analog Output Connector : XLR-3 type
• Analog Output Impedance : 50 ohms, balanced
• Analog Matching Impedance : 8-600 ohms
• Digital AES/EBU Type Input : XLR-3 type, 110 ohms, balanced
• Digital AES/EBU Type Output : XLR-3 type, 110 ohms, balanced
• Digital IEC Type 11 Input : FICA phono type (coaxial), 75 ohms & o'tical
• Digital IEC Type 11 Output : RCA phono type (coaxial), 75 ohms & optical
• Cylinder Diameter : 30 mm
• Cylinder Rotation Speed : 2,000 RPM
• FF/Rewind Speed : Up to 250 times normal playback speed
• Power Supply : 120VAC, 60Hz
• Analog Inputs/Level : +4dBu (-18dB rec level)
• Analog Outputs/Level : +4/-10dBu (-18dB)
• Depth : 31.5 cm
• Dynamic Range : More than 92 dB
• FF/REW Time : Approx. 35 sec for a 2-hour DAT tape
• Frequency Response : [fs: 48kHz] 10Hz - 22,000Hz (±0.5dB), [fs: 44.1 kHz] 10Hz - 20,000Hz (±0.5dB)
• Headphone Connector : TRS phone jack
• Height : 12.2 cm
• Input Sample Frequencies : Recording: 48kHz/44.1kHz (analog inputs); 48kHz/44.1kHz/32kHz (digital inputs); Playback: 48kHz/44.1 kHz/32kHz (selected automatically)
• Maximum Output Level : 30mW + 30mW, 32 ohms
• Power Consumption : 30 Watts
• Quantization Bit Rates : 16-bit linear PCM
• Search Speed : Up to 250X normal playback speed
• Signal-to-Noise Ratio : More than 92 dB
• Tape Speed : 8.150 mm/sec. (normal track) 12.225 mm/sec. (wide track)
• Total Harmonic Distortion : Less than 0.03% (+4dBu, 1 kHz), Less than 0.007% (+22dBu, 1 kHz)
• Tracks/Channels : 2 (stereo)
• Weight : 5.9 kg
• Width : 43 cm
• Wow and Flutter : Unmeasurable

Videonics Edit Suite A/B Roll Edit Controller Model AB-1 $200
  • Controls Four Play VCRs
  • Store up to 250 Scenes
  • RCTC, VITC, and LTC Time Code Support
  • Work with Sony LANC(Control-L) Panasonic 5-Pin (Control-M) RS-232C, RS-422A VCRs
  • Jog/Shuttle for Precise VCR Control
  • SN-AB-025968

Edit Suite gives you the professional editing and multiple VCR 'ontrol capabilities you need for an incredible price. Compatible with both consumer and broadcast-level VCRs, Edit Suite fits easily into a wide range of applications, from weekend videography to professional off-line editing. It reads all major time codes and has a 250 event memory. The computer interface allows you to download and upload Edit Decision List (EDL) data for multiple project management. You can also export industry standard CMX files.

Edit Suite controls up to four play VCRs and one record VCR. When connected to the Videonics MX-1 Digital Video Mixer, it operates an A/B/C/D roll editor. Edit Suite may also be operated with other multiple source, GPI-compatible mixers. When used without a mixer, Edit Suite functions as a cuts-only random assemble editor.

Edit Suite interfaces with Sony LANC (Control-L), Panasonic 5-pin (Control-M), RS-232C, and RS422A protocols. An IR wand controls record decks without these capabilities. If you upgrade your equipment, Edit Suite adapts. It supports advanced features of professional VCRs.

The Edit Suite EDL holds up to 250 scene events. A simple cut-and-paste operation allows you to rearrange scenes within the production at will. You can also add or delete scenes at any time.

Editing with time code increases the accuracy and repeatability of your edits. Edit Suite reads several major time code formats, including Rewritable Consumer Time Code (RTC), Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC), and Longitudinal Time Code (LTC).

The jog/shuttle wheel allows both precise and coarse VCR control. The weighted center portion allows frame-by-frame control. The outer portion provides graduated speed positions between pause, two forward, and two reverse detents.

Edit Suite has two independently programmable General Purpose Interface (GPI) triggers. The first may be used for a mixer connection and second for any other GPI-compatible device such as Videonics TitleMaker 2000 or a special effects generator (SEG). GPI events may either be fixed or relative In/Out tape address triggers and placed anywhere within and EDL.

Edit Suite's computer interface allows you to export EDL data files to your computer disk for storage. If you want to work with a stored EDL, just import it back into Edit Suite. This feature makes it easy to work wit multiple projects and to maintain an EDL data archive.

With Edit Suite, you can spend the majority of your post-production time refining your production without the constraints imposed by expensive on-line suites. Simply assemble your production off-line using Edit Suite. Once the production is finished, a CMX-compatible file may be exported to your computer and taken to an on-line suite for final assembly.

Features like Preview and Review have previously been found only in more expensive editors. Preview allows you to audition edits before committing them to tape, and Review automatically plays back the last recorded edit for verification. When productions call for special editing effects, Edit Suite is ready. With properly equipped VCRs, Edit Suite supports Insert edits (audio-only, video-only, or both) and Split edits, where the audio is offset from the video. In addition, Edit Suite does automatic match frame edits when necessary.

Even with Edit Suite's high level of sophistication and functionality, it maintains a user interface which is simple and elegant. All EDL "events" are stored in non-volatile memory and appear in sequence on a backlit, 40-character LCD making them easy to read under all lighting conditions. A streamline key layout provides reduced operational complexity compared to similar units.


Front Panel:

  1. Power Key and Indicator
  2. VCR / Source Selector keys
  3. VCR / Source Indicators
  4. 40 Character backlit LCD
  5. Color Source Selector key
  6. Recorder Selector Key
  7. Function / Numberic Keypad
  8. Modifier keys
  9. VCR Transport Keys
  10. Auto Record Key (Manual or Automatic Assembly)
  11. Split / Insert key
  12. Review / Preview Key
  13. All Stop key (Halts Any Action In Progress)
  14. GPI-M / GPI-T Keys (For Marketing Tigger Events)
  15. In / Out keys (For Marketing Tape Locations)
  16. Jog / Shuttle Wheel

    Rear Panel:

    1. Record VCR Timecode Input
    2. Play VCR Timecode inputs
    3. Record VCR Control Port
    4. Play VCR Control Ports
    5. Play VCR Control Ports
    6. Computer Interface (RS-232C)
    7. GPI-M (1) and GPI-T (2) Ports
    8. Infrared Wand (Record VCR Only)
    9. Power Connection


Power Requirements: 12 VAC, 1.0A' 120 VAC, 60 Hz Adapter included in US/Canada. Other supplies available in other areas.
Power supply: UL/CSA approved . Non-US/Canada versions meet local regulatory standards. Complies with FCC Class B.

TimeCode Inputs
Connectors: 5 x (RCA)
VITC video signal: composite - 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohm
LTC audio signal: -10 dBv - 100K ohm

VCR Control
Connectors: 5 x 8 pin mini (DIN)

Computer Interface
Connector: 1 x DB-9 RS-232 protocol

GPI Connectors: 2 x mini-jack, active-low signal
IR Wand Connector: 2"-15' usable distance typical/50mm-4.6meters +/- 20 degrees

Dimensions: 12 x 9.5 x 3.9" (300 x 241 x 99 mm)
Weight: 4 lbs. (1.8 kg.)
Ambient temperature: 32-104F (0-40C)
Ambient humidity: Less than 90%

shipping dimensions  18" X 12" X 6"; 9 lbs

Videonics Titlemaker 2000 model TM2000 $200

The Video TitleMaker 2000 is a technological breakthrough in video character generators.
It delivers high-resolution titles in over a million colors with 92 font/size combinations and 36 styles. It holds 8000 characters on hundreds of pages, with lithium battery backup. Its full keyboard supports special characters. TitleMaker 2000 has many advanced features, including patterns, see-through video effects, multi-direction scroll and crawl, fades and wipes, and much more - yet it is very easy to operate.
Its title quality is unmatched with sharp, smooth, high-resolution characters that can be superimposed on the incoming video or over a background. Backgrounds, letters, outlines, and borders can use any of over a million colors or a wide range of patterns, including animated patterns. Shadows, outlines, and other character enhancements can be added to letters. Fades and wipes, as well as scroll and crawl, all at eight speeds, can be used to add drama to titles and the unit will hold over 8000 characters of titles. A full character set includes accented and special characters to support dozens of languages.


4" high x 12" wide x 9.5" deep (100 mm x 300 mm x 240 mm) ; Weig't: 3 lbs. (1.4 kg) 110 VAC, 60 Hz supply included
shipping dimensions
 18" X 12" X 6" 5lbs

Fender 1275X floor monitor $150

Rugged, reliable and widely popular, the Artist Series stage monitors area staple of sound systems and rehearsal halls around the world. Each model features 16 ohm design (ideal for stringing several speakers together) daisy-chain inputs, volume control, black carpet-covering, dual piezo horns coupled with a wide angle horn, 15" main speaker, and 400 watt (peak)/200 watt (program) power handling.

Leviton-NSI I/F 501

Model I/F 501
The little box that does it all! Convert across many popular signals, including analog, DMX, NSI's Microplex and Luma-Net. The Leviton Interface (I/F) 501 allows communication between various protocols. In addition to merging protocols, this interface device is capable of converting computer protocols to lighting protocols. Lumanet control configuration/software available (option 203).
• Up to 512 Control Channel Addresses
• Configure Mode Select Switches
• 4 Line Analog (0-10V DC) or Dry Contact Closure Input Port
• Bottom Chassis Key Holes Positioned for Easy Wall Mounting
• 15 V DC External Power Supply Port
• DMX512 Input/Output Ports
• NSI Micro-Plex Input/Output Ports
• RS-232 Input Port (DB-9 connector)
• NSI Luma-Net Architectural Lighting Port (RJ-14 style connector)
• NSI Luma-Net Software Interface Capability
• 8 Pre-Programmed Auto Sequence Chases
• Programmable Precision Auto-Cue Playback
• Real Time ASCII Control Over Dimmers via RS-232

View the manual here:
Ibanez digital delay DM2000

7 lbs. 19"X8"X1.75"
Crown CE2000 power amplifier $450

The Crown CE2000 Power Amp delivers the power you want with plenty of headroom. 975W/ch @ 2 ohms, 660W @ 4 ohms, 400W @ 8 ohms, 1,950W bridged mono @ 4 ohms, 1,320W @ 8 ohms. Sophisticated protection circuitry (from shorted, open, or mismatched loads, input and high frequency overloads), 5-way fault indicator, red LED on each channel that turns on when distortion becomes audible, green signal-present LED that flashes when the level is extremely low (indicating cabling problems), and detented level controls. Mode select switch for stereo or bridged; 3-speed fan; and choice of 1/4", XLR, and barrier strip jacks; all in a rugged steel chassis designed to handle serious road use. Mint condition. Front and rear panels are clean.


Sophisticated protection circuitry and five-way fault indicator
Red LED to indicate audible distortion
Green signal present LED
Detented level controls
Mode select switch for stereo or bridged
Three-speed fan
Speakon & banana outputs.

Bought it new, used for about 6 months at iMusicast ( Never toured.
Kawai K1 synthesizer $160

The K1 is one of Kawai's most economical digital synthesizers in the K-series. The K1 has 256 digital samples of waveforms, 50 of which are from acoustic instruments. You combine up to four wave shapes to create very new and unique sounds. The K1 is capable of very good acoustic recreation, excellent unique synth sounds or at times, completely noisy walls of complex sound. a pdf Read the manual here:
(3) Alesis adat XT-20 machines (type II) and BRC 24 tracks with controller